Help - For families

For childcare providers

Families can find babysitters on Babysits through our search page. Here, you can enter your city, address, or postcode in the search bar to easily browse babysitters in your area.

If you’ve signed up and posted your profile, babysitters who are interested can also contact you.

Once you’ve found a babysitter that you want to contact, you can upgrade to a premium account.

Parents will need to upgrade to a premium account to contact babysitters. You can upgrade to a premium account via the upgrade page (after registration) or via the Babysits app.

If you would like to cancel your premium account, you can easily do so on the account status page. If you subscribed to a premium account via the iOS app, you will also have to cancel your subscription via Apple. You can do so in your device settings via Apple ID under Subscriptions.

Please be aware that when you cancel your premium account, a final payment collection might still take place. This is because we collect with a delay. For example, if your new month just started last week, it may be that the monthly fee for the month will still need to be collected. However, no new term will be charged.

If you have any days left on your premium account, you can of course still use the premium services for these remaining days after the cancellation of your premium account. If you are still having trouble with cancelling your premium account, please get in touch with our customer service.

When you have found a babysitter, you can easily schedule an appointment with the babysitter. You can schedule an appointment by going to your inbox and clicking on the conversation with the babysitter. On the left side, you can click the “plan babysitting appointment” button to schedule an appointment.

Yes, even after your premium account has been cancelled, you can still message new babysitters within your contract period and even when expired you will always be able to continue conversations that you started with your premium account.

Approximate hourly rate: On your profile, you can indicate average hourly prices for a babysitting appointment. Childcare providers can do the same. However, this is not a fixed rate and you are always able to negotiate. Expected rates will change depending on factors mentioned below.

Consider your requirements: If your child requires a lot of attention and care, you should expect to pay a higher rate than usual. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay your babysitter more for looking after multiple children as this will require more effort and energy on behalf of the babysitter. We advise you to sort out the payment details before the babysitter starts babysitting for the first time so that you are both aware of what can be expected.

Consider the age and experience of a sitter: When arranging the hourly rate, you also need to consider the age of the babysitter. For instance, a 21 year old student would expect a higher rate than a 15 year old student would. Keep in mind that the minimum wage also varies between these ages. To determine an hourly rate for your babysitter, you can base the amount on the national minimum wage.

Childminders and Nannies: A childminder or nanny can decide themselves how much they will charge you. These professionals must be paid at least minimum wage. Parents in some countries are eligible for a subsidy based on the maximum hourly rate.

In some jurisdictions, it is legally mandatory to arrange a contract. Because of this and to make the babysitting experience smoother for both parties, we suggest filling out and going through our intake form.

It can happen that you have a negative experience with a babysitter. We’re sorry to hear this. If you have contacted the babysitter through the Babysits messaging system, you can leave a review about the babysitter. In any case, we ask you to report the babysitter via the customer service. Babysits will then be notified of these reports and will take any action that may be necessary.