Help - For childcare providers

For childcare providers

A minimum age requirement of 16 years old applies at Babysits. You must ask for permission from your parents if you are under 18 years old.

If you want to apply for any babysitting jobs posted online on Babysits, you can contact a parent by going to their profile and clicking on the “contact” button. Please keep in mind that you will need to have an active profile to be able to contact the parent.

When you have an active profile, parents will be able to contact you by sending you a message through our messaging system. We will notify you once you have received a new message. You can go to your Babysits inbox to reply directly.

Babysitters set their own hourly rates for babysitting, based on their qualifications, skills and experience. You can indicate your average hourly babysitting rate for one child on your profile. Here you can also see the average rate that other babysitters have asked for, to get an idea of what is common to ask for.

The hourly rates should vary according to the amount of children you babysit, the duties required and the location of the babysitting job. In the end, it’s up to you to negotiate hourly rate with the parent.

You make agreements about the payment with the parent. Babysitters don’t pay us any commission and keep all of their earnings for themselves.

It’s up to you to organize your hours and negotiate your availability with parents. In your edit profile page you can indicate your availability under the “availability” calendar. Simply select the times for each day of the week you are available to babysit. On parent profiles, you are also able to see what times they are looking for babysitting services.

It can happen that you have a negative experience with a parent. We’re sorry to hear this. If you have contacted the parent through the Babysits messaging system, you can leave a review about the parent. In any case, we ask you to report the parent to customer service, via the parent’s profile page. Babysits will then be notified of these reports and will take any action that may be necessary.

Your profile is a great way for others to learn more about you. When you include a clear profile photo featuring your face, it creates more reliability and trust. Parents are unlikely to contact a user without a profile photo.

Unfortunately some parents may not always respond to messages. This however differs from user to user. There is no way in which you or us can force them to respond to a message. Before messaging you can see how long it usually takes a parent to respond to messages on their profile page (when the data is known).