Hi we are looking for a Danish babysitter for our three year old son to help strengthen his danish vocabulary. We are an English speaking family from London and so our son's main Danish language exposure comes from børnehave and extra activities during the week. However, because of all the closures he now has a reduced exposure to Danish and we are looking for a native Dane who can play with him in Danish and provide this additional language exposure. Our son is a super energetic, funny and curious boy who has 1,000 questions about how things work and so we need someone who will enjoy discovering things alongside him and has a playful ! If you enjoy reading books and music/songs then its a plus! The position is for 2 hours once a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday from 9am-11am). There is no need for previous experience as we just need someone to "play" with him and not cook or clean or care for him alone. We are looking for someone who is available for the next 6 months. We are quite flexible and understand exams and schooling are a priority so if this sounds like an interesting job for you we are happy to discuss availability!

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Babysitting job in Søborg (Gladsaxe Kommune), Gladsaxe Municipality, Capital Region

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60,00 kr./hr
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60,00 kr./hr
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